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The name.

GRPS [ˈgrɪps] is a pun
that follows a sports concept.
It connects two terms which
make your performance more powerful:
Grip (hold) and Grip (understanding).

GRPS is a smart stud system that offers
fantastic grip and traction,
helping you achieve your highest level
even if the ground is slippery.

The team.

We love great matches and inspiring teams.
We go for big games and fair play.
And we always want to win,
whatever the weather.


David and Manuel
Founder of GRPSTAR

The philosophy.

You make 20,000 decisions daily,
but in sport every single counts.

That’s why GRPSTAR offers high quality products which you can rely on.
We use resistant materials that are durable and adjustable.
We develop smart systems which you can combine easily and use longer.
To let you reach your best performance level and expand your potentials.

So keep in mind: Success is always a choice!